National Harbor | Zip Trip: 5 Must Stops

There are so many fun things to do when visiting National Harbor that it's hard to narrow it down to just five. The really good news? Things are ALWAYS changing there-- for instance, the Summer Snow Globe is now in full effect-- and that means there's always a reason to go back!

Here are the 5 must stops for this Zip Trip to National Harbor:

#5: The Peeps Store
The only location in the DC area is at National Harbor. You'll find lots of sweet options, from the iconic marshmallow chick to Mike and Ikes and Peanut Chews-- no shortage of treats! Thsi colorful, fun store also sells merchandise for popular candy brands.

#4: Redstone American Grill
Located on the Potomac River, Redstone offers rotisserie chicken, seasonal fish, and perfectly-aged steaks. It's great for a casual lunch, dinner date or just drinks on the patio overlooking the water.

#3: Eagles' Landing
It's on the walk from National Harbor Plaza up to the Gaylord, and you can stop and sit in the adiraondack chairs and just enjoy the peaceful views of the Potomac River and D.C. Ahhhhhh.

#2: The Capital Wheel
Located at the end of the pier, the views of National Harbor, Alexandria and D.C. are simply amazing! Take a ride in one of their climate-controlled gondolas high above the river.

#1: MGM National Harbor
It's more than just a casino. You can shop, check out a show at the theater, or dine out. The options are endless. Afterwards, relax in the conservatory or take in the views of National Harbor on the plaza.

No matter what you do when you're there, enjoy National Harbor!

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