Muslim lawyer in DC supports Donald Trump

A Muslim lawyer in Washington D.C. is supporting a presidential candidate you might not expect.

Muslim-American immigrant Kamal Nawash is an unlikely supporter of Republican party candidate Donald Trump. The immigration lawyer says he has been a Republican for years, and he's even convinced his wife and friend to vote for Trump.

Nawash tells FOX 5 that he loves politics more than practicing law and he's passionate that Trump would make a good president.

"I judge him based on what he actually says," said Nawash. "He is simply the most reasonable candidate that we have going for us right now."

Trump's views on foreign policy are what made him most passionate about the candidate.

"The fact that he came out opposed to the war, which I thought was a disaster, that I thought it was an immoral war, really got my attention because among Republicans saying those words is absolutely taboo," Nawash said.

Even with the passionate belief in Trump's foreign policy, Nawash defends his support for the presumptive Republican nominee because he feels that Trump's words and policies have been distorted by the media -- even preventing Muslim immigration.

"When I first heard this, I didn't think he was saying anything that all the other candidates were not saying," said Nawash. "Obviously, I've become desensitized to people saying negative things about Muslims because I've been hearing it for like 15 years."

Nawash also added, "He's saying, 'Look, I'm not asking for a ban. I just want to figure this out. I just want to figure out do we have a problem or not.'"

Nawash further explained that he believes Trump has said things he might not always believe in order to win the Republican primary race.

FOX 5 reached out to the Council on American-Islamic Relations for a comment on Nawash's support for Trump. CAIR's communications director said, "Any American is free to support any candidate they'd like. However, they feel he's not representative of the Muslim American community."

CAIR completed a survey of registered Muslim voters that found 7.5 percent of those surveyed support Trump compared to 52 percent support for Hillary Clinton. When Nawash was asked about the survey, he says he suspects the support from the Muslim Community might be higher.