Mumbo vs. Mambo, McDonald's releases new sauces

McDonald’s announced that two new sauces, ‘Mambo Sauce’ and ‘Sweet & Spicy Jam Sauce,’ will appear on the menu this fall Oct. 9 and stay while supplies last.

Mumbo (or mambo) sauce is a sweet and sour staple of D.C. carryout cuisine. The sauce can be found at several chicken wing carry-outs and Asian restaurants all across the D.C. area. 

Although mumbo is a D.C. signature sauce, the origin of the sauce traces back to the windy city of Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, the sauce inventor is 1950s Bronzeville restaurateur named Argia B. Collins.

McDonald’s says they plan on releasing a documentary about the sauce’s history on YouTube. The company says the documentary will focus on "sharing the real stories of the sauce makers, restaurateurs, small business owners and fans keeping the culture of Mambo strong…"

The news comes amid an era of change for the Golden Arches. Some fans were distraught when McDonald’s decided to get rid of self-serve soda machines.

However, the restaurant brought back its limited edition Spicy Nuggets last week, a change that more customers said they approved.

FOX 5 teamed up with the pros-- Charles and Stephanie Smith, owners of Chuck's Wagon BBQ in Bowie, Md.-- to show us how to make this signature sauce at home. Take a look at how you can enjoy this D.C. staple from the comfort of your home. 


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