More than 20 vehicles vandalized in parking lot at Howard University

More than 20 vehicles at Howard University were vandalized and students say this is not the first time it has happened.

These students found their car windows smashed and broken into at a parking lot at the school.

Many of the victims are angry and are seeking answers.

Jeremy Jackley, a senior student and health sciences major, was fired up after he found his car was broken into and more than $700 worth of his belongings were stolen.

"When I walked out to my car and was about to get into it, I found my driver's side window completely vandalized -- the glass shattered," he told us.

He is not the only one. Jackley pointed out car after car with windows bashed in. Some vehicles even had blood spattered on them.

Marcus McGraw discovered damage to his car later in the day. He thought he was the only one, but was shocked to learn the scope of it all.

"The people who did it must have been very smart because nine times out of ten that I come around here, there is a [Metropolitan Police Department] car parked right in the back," he said.

And Jackley's friend, Joe Wade, said this isn't the first time his car has been vandalized on campus. It happened to him last October too, but this time, it was his mother's car that got hit.

"I know a lot of students probably fear for their safety because what if someone was in the lot while they were doing that and then they tried to confront them and something would have happened," said Wade.

We reached out to the university for answers about what happened as well as security, and if there have been any changes in safety and protection of the students.

A spokesperson responded by sending over this announcement that was given to students about the incident saying:

"The Howard University Department of Public Safety in conduction with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is currently investigating a number of vehicles that were broken into while parked on the North and South Banneker Parking Lots located in the 2300 block Sherman Avenue NW. These incidents appear to have occurred during the early morning hours on February 4, 2015. At this time no further details are available and there are no descriptions of any suspects. The incidents are under investigation. It is unknown what property was taken at this time. Please be mindful of leaving personal items in plain view. Anyone with information on this case or with additional information should contact the Howard University Department of Public Safety at 202-806-1100, ext 6-4747, or 911 for the Metropolitan Police Department."

In the meantime, students are left to pick up the pieces with some having their cars repaired right in the lot while they waited -- still upset at the violation of their property.