Montgomery County Public Schools will now start before Labor Day

Class is now in session a little earlier than usual.

Starting next year, Montgomery County Public Schools will start on August 31 instead of after Labor Day. Schools will officially close for summer break on June 16.

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It’s the first time since 2016 when Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed his executive order that moved the start date after the September holiday.

The Montgomery County School Board says this move will comply with closings required by state law.

The new start date isn’t the only change. The 182 school day calendar includes a 10-day spring break, a full day of planning and professional development at the end of each quarter. The Muslim holiday Eid and the Lunar New Year will now be teacher workdays. 

Also, schools will be open on January 20, 2021, for Inauguration Day. School leaders say they want class lessons to focus on the political milestone.

The board also adopted an innovative school year for Arcola and Roscoe Nix elementary schools. They will both begin on July 6.

Howard County school schools made a similar move to start classes before Labor Day. Prince George’s County Schools are now discussing a  similar move.