Montgomery County Public Schools considers virtual learning on snow days

This time of year, plenty of students are rooting for snow because it could mean a day off of school.

Or at least, it did.

Now that virtual learning is an option, school districts all over the area are considering changes that a lot of students may not like.

In Virginia, a new bill would essentially eliminate snow days altogether if passed.

Meanwhile, other districts are considering more of a hybrid model. For instance, Thursday afternoon the Montgomery County Board of Education approved a plan to make virtual learning an option on snow days. The plan would not get rid of snow days altogether, however, it could limit them if the weather emergency is predictable and MCPS has time to plan for the transition.

Snow day no more: MCPS says virtual learning may replace inclement weather closures

"What we know as traditional snow days are not going away," Board President Karla Silvestre said at the meeting. "There will be some that are traditional snow days and some that will be virtual instruction."

Thursday night in Bethesda, most parents who talked to FOX 5 said they were in favor of traditional snow days.

"We like to go ski and make snowmen," said mom Lana Lin.

There was some support for having a mix of snow days and virtual learning as well.

"I’m not opposed to that," said dad Brandon Scott.

The Montgomery County plan still needs to be approved by the state, which officials said could happen in a matter of days.

One local district that has no plans for a snow day change is D.C. Public Schools. A spokesperson told FOX 5, "Snow days will remain snow days. No virtual instruction will be given."