Mom crashes car, abandons 3 kids in stolen vehicle police chase

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A Detroit mom accused of leading police on a wild chase in Farmington Hills with her kids in the car.

Police say she crashed the car but didn't give up, leaving the kids behind and continuing to make a run for it.

An SUV and truck collide in the aftermath of a short police chase in Livonia. From an officer's dash cam you can see the woman who allegedly caused the crash, struggling with officers while holding her One-year-old child.

The mother is 27-year-old Ashley Dorsey.

What police say you don't see, is when she stole another vehicle after this crash and drove another mile away only to crash again and be placed under arrest.

This all started at 3:35 p.m. Tuesday when Farmington Hills police say they saw Dorsey going 36 in a 25 mile an hour zone and pulled her over near Eight Mile and Newburgh.

She had a 1-year-old in the back, along with a 6- and 3-year-old.

Police say she didn't have an ID and while officers are talking, she drives off, cutting into traffic as she goes.

About a half mile into the chase, police decide to call it off citing the safety of the children. But as the officers drive on without lights and sirens, they come across the first accident scene.

There is the struggle again as police try to secure the 1-year-old child, seconds later a second child comes out of the SUV, luckily none of the kids were seriously hurt in all this.

Dorsey is facing two charges of fleeing police and two counts of resisting and assaulting officers and four other charges including child abuse. She will be in court in March.