Missing bobcat still on the loose; 'posting' on social media

Ollie, the female bobcat missing from the Smithsonian's National Zoo in D.C., still hasn't been found - but that hasn't stopped her from posting about her adventures on social media.

Well, we know it's really not Ollie, but a Twitter user created an account called, DCBobCat, and is having some fun with the situation.

Since going missing, DCBobCat has posted about trying to catch a ride with Uber, dining in Dupont Circle, and visiting the MGM National Harbor casino.

DCBobCat also checked in with the San Diego Zoo to see if they had any openings!

The fleeing feline chimed in on current events and summed it up perfectly with an afternoon tweet that read, "For the record I am approachable. But some days I'm just grouchy."

The Zoo cautions that anyone who sees the bobcat should not approach her. Instead, if you see Ollie, you should immediately call (202) 633-7362.

The Zoo says there is no imminent danger to guests or the general public. Bobcats are not known to be aggressive to humans, but her escape could pose a threat to birds or small pets.

Zoo staff also acknowledges that there is a chance she may never been found.