Miracle dog helps man cope with loss of brother who was killed in house fire

A Virginia man found strength through an unlikely best friend after fire tore through his home last year claiming the life of his brother.

The fire struck last January at the Fredericksburg home of Jorge Andres. Despite the best effort of firefighters and rescue crews, his brother, Oscar Alfaro, didn't make it out alive.

But inside of the home, firefighters did find some else. huddled next to Oscar was his loyal dog Milly.

Milly was terribly burned but somehow managed to survive. for eight months Milly's journey would be a painful one of skin grafts and vet visits. for Oscar's brother Jorge who adopted Milly, it was an expensive, but a necessary journey.

"This dog has helped me grieve and helped me cope because knowing that this dog chose to do that - chose to stay there and be with my brother. I mean you can't explain the loyalty, you can't explain the love," Andres said.

Now, one year later, thanks to months of care from vets in Virginia and Florida, Milly is back to her tail wagging ways.

She has a new friend in Jorge's other dog Harley. not only have Milly's scars finally healed -- thanks to Milly, so have many of Jorge's.

Jorge has started a GoFundMe to raise money to give back to the animal hospitals that helped Milly in her recovery In just a few days, more than $2000 has been raised.