Maryland's ghost gun ban goes into effect June 1

Maryland’s ghost gun law will go into effect June 1, according to Attorney General Brian Frosh. 

The law bans the purchase, transfer, or sale of any firearm that isn’t imprinted with a serial number in accordance with federal law. 

By March 1, 2023, no one in the state will be allowed to possess a ghost gun.

The Maryland General Assembly approved the measure on March 29 to ban the so-called ghost guns, which don’t have serial numbers.

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The House gave the measure final passage 92-41, sending it to Gov. Larry Hogan.

The Senate approved the bill 35-11 in early March. 

Hogan ultimately declined to sign it, saying while he appreciated the work lawmakers did to ban the ghost guns, the legislation doesn’t do anything to penalize people who actually use them in violent crimes. He urged lawmakers to pass crime-fighting measures he supports.

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"It is my hope that in the last days of this session, the General Assembly will do the right thing and pass the Violent Firearms Offender Act, so that we can ensure those who use guns to commit violent and heinous crimes remain off of our streets and out of our communities," Hogan said in a news release.

Under the measure, guns made after Oct. 22, 1968, will have to have a serial number on them.

Attorney General Frosh said the ban will save lives.


"These untraceable firearms have become the weapon of choice for criminals," Frosh said in a statement. "They are easily purchased over the internet without a background check, making them easily accessible to children, violent felons, domestic abusers, and others who are ineligible to own a firearm."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.