Maryland, Virginia rank in top 5 for best public school systems in US: survey

A new survey ranked Maryland and Virginia in the top tier of public school systems in the United States.

WalletHub released their findings Monday. They compared the public school systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 32 key metrics including graduation rates, pupil-teacher ratios and test scores.

Maryland ranked number five on the list with Virginia coming in just ahead at number four. Washington, D.C. ranked number 30 on the list.

Massachusetts came in at the top with the best public school system in the country, according to the survey. New Mexico was ranked last on the list.

The nation’s capital ranked in the bottom five for math and reading test scores and was ranked last for median SAT scores. The District did, however, tie for first in the median ACT score category.

According to WalletHub, D.C. tied with two other states for the highest dropout rate in the country at 31.10 percent but also accounted for the lowest share of high school students who were bullied online at 8.90 percent.

Elsewhere in the region, Delaware ranked number six, Pennsylvania ranked 18 and West Virginia rankled 47 for best public school systems.