Maryland 2022 Primary: Where each gubernatorial candidate stands on abortion

Abortion rights have become a central issue in the 2022 midterm election after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. We take a look at where each of the candidates for governor of Maryland stand on the issue of abortion access. 

Most recently, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to protect access to abortion after the Supreme Court ended a constitutional right to the procedure and left it up to the states to decide.

Abortion is still legal in Maryland.

Republican Candidates

Dan Cox

On Cox's website, he states that he is "100% pro-life." He also lists instances where he acted to oppose abortion access. His website states that he opposed a bill in the Maryland House that would allow Maryland to become a sanctuary state. He also voted against a bill earlier this year that would expand abortion care access.

His website also features gun rights and eliminating COVID restrictions as core issues.

Robin Ficker

Ficker has not spoken publicly about his stance on abortion. In a Washington Post article, Ficker says he would not seek a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights. His campaign has been focused on the promise to cut Maryland sales tax by 2 cents, even naming his website after this issue ("").

Kelly Schulz

Schulz's campaign website doesn't mention abortion explicitly. However, she said publicly this year that she would not do anything as governor to change the current abortion laws that are in place, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The Baltimore Sun also reports that during her time as a state lawmaker, she sponsored and voted for bills that would have restricted abortion access in the state.

The main issues on Schulz's campaign website focus on keeping communities safe by supporting police, improving schools and cutting taxes.

Joe Werner

In an interview with The Baltimore Banner, Werner said he would propose changes to Maryland's abortion laws, including no state funding for abortion, and passing the heartbeat bill to ban abortion after the 15th week. He says the only exception would be for the life of the mother.

The issues on his campaign website focus on cutting down crime and allowing school choice.

Democratic Candidates

Jon Baron

Baron's website says his administration will "work to enshrine the protections of Roe vs. Wade in the Maryland constitution." He says reproductive rights are under attack in the U.S. and he wants to codify the right to choose in the state's constitution.

His website also lists education, healthcare, preventing gun violence and more as key issues.

Peter Franchot

Franchot says abortion rights are under attack. He says a Franchot administration would support enshrining the right to an abortion into the Maryland state constitution, ensuring that healthcare providers cover abortion care and related services and ensuring that undocumented Marylanders have access to safe, full care.

Franchot says Maryland should also be prepared to provide abortion services to those in neighboring states who do not have access.

His website also lists pledges on more than a dozen other issues including creating jobs, transit and education.

Doug Gansler

Gansler says a goal of his as governor would be to enshrine a women's right to choose in Maryland's state constitution. He also says he would make Maryland a sanctuary state, expand abortion access to all 24 jurisdictions in Maryland, release the $3.5 million in funds for the Abortion Care Clinical Training Program and prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with anti-abortion states.

Gansler's website also features making Maryland accessible, green and safe as key issues.

Ralph W. Jaffe

Jaffe has not spoken out publicly about his stance on abortion rights, and it is not mentioned on his campaign website. His website focuses on putting "a stop to corruption in the Maryland political system."

His commitments to voters include not increasing taxes, attempting to abolish the Public Service Commission, attempting to abolish the Maryland State Department of Education, attempting to abolish the Maryland Stadium Authority, attempting to abolish the Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program and attempting to stop nursing home rip-offs.

Ashwani Jain

Jain's campaign website says he is the first statewide candidate in Maryland to have detailed plans for enshrining abortion care, contraception and gender affirmation treatment into the state constitution.

His plan is posted on his website and features ideas such as directing federally funded Medicaid to cover all essential healthcare services, including abortion care. It also aims to expand the availability of medication abortion.

Other key issues featured on his website include climate change, disability rights, education, housing, immigrant rights and more.

John King

In his first 100 days in office, King says his administration will appoint a deputy secretary for reproductive rights and expand the Department of Emergency Management to provide housing for abortion-refugees coming from out of state.

He says the administration will also enshrine the right to abortion care in the Maryland state constitution, including Medicaid funding for abortion in all circumstances, release funding for provider training and appoint judges who will protect collateral rights.

His website also touches on the issues of criminal justice reform, education, housing, transportation, cannabis legalization and more.

Wes Moore

Moore supports the idea of enshrining the right to abortion in Maryland’s Constitution and establishing Maryland as a safe haven for reproductive health care. He also says he will improve diversity in the reproductive health care field.

He also supports releasing appropriated funding to expand training for reproductive health care providers.

Other issues that his website features includes gender equality, creating opportunity for Black families, transportation, civil rights and more.

Tom Perez

Perez says as governor, he will make sure Maryland passes a constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights into the state's laws. He says he will also work with our next attorney general to ensure Maryland defends any provider sued by other states for providing care to all whom come to Maryland to seek access.

He also says he will integrate reproductive services into primary care, increase the number of trained abortion providers and provide equitable access for coverage.

Disability rights, jobs, affordable housing and climate change are also issues featured on Perez's campaign website.

Jerome Segal

In a Washington Post article, Segal says he would support a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights. His campaign website features core positions including guaranteed basic employment, a four-day work week, zero-interest mortgage for modest or tiny new homes, free education from pre-K through college, reducing automobile dependency, tax-elimination for the bottom third of households and progressive property taxes.

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