Maryland governor proposes direct payments to an estimated 400K residents

Governor Larry Hogan proposed legislation on Monday that would result in direct payments to Marylanders who earn a low to moderate income as part of its continued efforts to alleviate the economic crisis prompted by the novel coronavirus.

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"So today I’m announcing our top legislative priority – the recovery for the economy, livelihoods, industries, entrepreneurs and families – or the RELIEF ACT of 2021 – which will provide more than $1 billion in immediate and targeted financial relief and tax cuts for Maryland working families, small businesses and those who have lost their jobs and are suffering financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic," the Governor said.

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According to Hogan, qualifying families in Maryland will receive $750, while individuals will receive $450.

A news release from the administration explained that an immediate payment of $500 will go to families, while $300 will go to qualifying individuals.

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A second round will follow with $250 for families, and $150 for individuals.

"In the fall, as we were continuing o aggressively push out emergency relief and preparing with our hospitals and health officials for the next surge of COVID-19, I directed our team to explore every possible avenue to further ease the financial burden on Marylanders experiencing so much hardship. And to do whatever we can - even as we face unprecedented budget challenges – to allow them to keep more money in order to feed their families and to keep their businesses going."

Marylanders who fall into the following categories will qualify:

- $50,954 ($56,844 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children

- $47,440 ($53,330 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children

- $41,756 ($47,646 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child

- $15,820 ($21,710 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children

The money will go to all Earned Income Tax Credit filers according to these 

He says the checks will be sent as soon as the RELIEF Act is made into law.

Also included under the RELIEF Act umbrella, state and local unemployment benefits will be revoked.

In addition, RELIEF Act extends unemployment tax relief for small businesses.

"Amid so much suffering, the last thing we should ever do is raise taxes," the governor said.

After months of squabbling, the Federal government passed a coronavirus relief package that offers $600 in direct payments to qualifying Americans.

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