Maryland family says orthodontist vanishes after they paid $3K for braces

A Maryland family says their dentist vanished without a trace after they paid $3,000 for braces for their teenage daughter and now the teen is experiencing complications as her family scrambles to get help.

The orthodontist had three locations in the DC region, including in Clinton and Waldorf. All three have since been closed and there has been no word as to why the dentist left town.

FOX 5 was told the dentist has since relocated to Georgia and a receptionist at his office hung up on us when we called.

The family who contacted FOX 5 said they paid up front for treatment and care for braces their 16-year-old daughter needed. Her last visit was apparently almost two years ago.

Her father said since then the family has been unable to reach the orthodontist despite calling several times.

"My daughter's braces are falling apart. She's complaining about pain and problems so we just started a new orthodontist plan which requires me to pay another $2,000 out of pocket for work I already paid for," Damian Taylor of White Plains said.

Taylor said similar experiences were shared online and he was forced to find a new orthodontist.

To make matters worse, the dentist at the center of it all has several horrible reviews and ratings online, including a D+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Authorities have urged former patients of the orthodontist who feel they've been cheated to file a complaint with the State's Attorney.

Taylor told FOX 5 he has retained an attorney.