Man stabbed, at least 21 arrested after 'Million MAGA March' in DC

Several hundred thousand white supremacists, q-anon conspiracy theorists, neonazis, and Trump supporters held a march in Washington, DC demanding the overturn of the 2020 election of Joe Biden to the presidency, on Saturday, 14 November 2020. (Photo

A man is suffering from multiple stab wounds and at least 21 other people face criminal charges in the nation's capital after Saturday's "Million MAGA March" in support of President Donald Trump. 

D.C. police say they recovered seven guns and are tending to two wounded officers following the rally decrying the results of this month's presidential election.

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Police had made 10 arrests as of Saturday afternoon. The rowdy scene escalated to violence after sundown:

Police tell FOX 5 that a demonstrator at yesterday's rally was stabbed around 8:12 p.m. near 10th St. and New York Ave. NW. The victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. No arrests have been made.

As of Sunday morning, President Trump had yet to concede the 2020 election despite being projected to fall well short of President-Elect Joe Biden in the Electoral College.

The president continues to argue without credible evidence that the election was "rigged" against him. Experts say the president's actions threaten to undermine American democracy.

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FOX 5's Stephanie Ramirez reported on Saturday's unrest during FOX 5 On The Hill this Sunday morning:

The tension from Saturday night appeared to spill into Sunday morning near Black Lives Matter Plaza.

FOX 5 was there as a few Trump supporters became more agitated, attempting to rip down the several Black Lives Matters signs and posters hanging from the Lafayette Square fence raised along H St. NW over the summer.

This location has been a flashpoint for pro-Trump protesters and counter-protesters. Trump supporters were seen at least three different times since Friday trying to rip down signage from the fence.

Those who oppose the president tied to block Trump supporters from pulling down the signs with their bodies as police yelled at them not to place their hands on anyone. Those protecting the fence yelled back at police for allowing Trump supporters to tear down the signs.

“We want to be able to see our White House and with all this garbage on the fence, we can’t see it,” said one woman, donning a “Make America Great Again” American flag ski cap.

More officers were called to the scene ended up moving most of the public away from the fence. Police then taped-off the area in an attempt to diffuse the confrontation.

“It’s sad that they ripping down those signs,” said a man who identified himself as a D.C. resident. That man then turned his head to yell toward the Trump supporters, some of whom were smiling while recording on their cell phones.

“For what reason?” the man shouted, “Those signs got nothing to do with your president losing.”

This was the Sunday morning that followed a few violent outbursts in downtown DC that resulted in over 20 arrests. It was not immediately clear on Sunday morning what the political affiliations of those arrested are.

The president, in a nod to his supporters, tweeted late Saturday night, referencing those out in the unrest as “ANTIFA SCUM” and “innocent #MAGA People.”

FOX 5’s camera captured members of both political affiliations confronting one another. Members of the “Proud Boys” were also seen involved in the confrontations.

The night of unrest followed massive, mostly peaceful demonstrations under the banner of the “Million MAGA March,” even though protesters continued false claims of widespread voter fraud.

Federal and State election officials continue to say there is no evidence of such.

Amir Weiner, in from New York for the march, was walking with his family around Black Lives Matter Plaza on Sunday morning.

“It was cool to see, first of all peaceful protest, I know all the stuff happened towards the end of the night,” Weiner said.“Until it gets to the courts, once it gets to the courts and they say, ‘You know what, it’s over,’ I would surrender the white flag and say its’ over.”

“Well how would it go to the Supreme Court? There’s no legal basis for it,” countered a woman who would only give her first name as 'Jerry.' 

She also said that“I think they’re delusional about that. You have to have a basis to go, you know, to the Appellate courts, the Supreme Court and it simply isn’t there.”

“I think it’s sad that we’re in such turmoil. I mean they have the right to their opinion, I don’t understand it I don’t agree with it,” added “Jerry.”

“I think that the temperature needs to cool down in this country,” said Royal Taylor, visiting from Richmond, VA.

D.C. police told FOX 5 they were not aware of any significant demonstrations planned for Sunday, but the department did maintain its heavy police presence on Sunday.