‘Magicicada Months’ underway in Maryland after governor proclamation

Governor Larry Hogan decided to have some fun with an event that many Marylanders may be dreading: the arrival of the Brood X cicadas.

And in the spirit of the season, the governor has declared May and June "Magicicada Months."

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This year, Maryland is expected to be the epicenter of a one-every-17-years event when a crushing number of cicadas emerge across the region.

Already, residents in the DMV have been sending in photos and videos featuring the creatures they believe to be cicadas.
Hogan is looking on the bright side, however:

"Today I issued a proclamation declaring May and June 2021 as Maryland Magicicada Months to recognize the return of the 17-year periodical cicada and to generate public awareness about these fascinating insects," he said, via Twitter.

Cicadas 2021 Map: Brood X starts to emerge in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Experts say as many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre could pop out up when Brood X emerges.

"I encourage all Marylanders to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about these remarkable, harmless creatures. For a few short weeks this spring, many across the state will have a front-row seat to witness a natural phenomenon that happens nowhere else on the planet," Hogan said in a press release accompanying his proclamation.

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After over a year in the shadow of the pandemic, the governor is encouraging Marylanders to embrace the light-hearted nature of the event.

"Brood X periodical cicadas offer a harmless, short diversion from the more serious aspects of modern life," according to the proclamation.

Click here to read the proclamation in its entirety.