Loudoun County School Board won't challenge court order to release sex assaults report

The Loudoun County School Board announced Wednesday that it will not fight a court order to release documents detailing the district's handling of two consecutive sexual assaults at two different schools with the same student. 

A majority of the board unanimously disagreed with releasing the reports, saying they had attorney-client privilege to keep the reports private. 

However, the board members believe "it’s better for the community if they do not contest the matter further," according to a LCPS press release.  


Judge orders LCPS to turn over investigation into sexual assaults

Loudoun County Public Schools now has to release the independent report conducted on two sexual assaults that took place in 2021.

The contentious report was prepared by the law firm Blankingship & Keith and will remain confidential to those involved in the case and their counsel. 

Last year, a different Loudoun County Circuit Court judge issued a ruling stating it was "abundantly clear" the B&K Report was an attorney-client privileged record. The case explored former Superintendent Scott Ziegler’s handling of the sexual assaults. 


Parents 'furious' after LCPS votes not to release sexual assault report

Parents say releasing the full report is the right thing to do. It provides transparency and can help rebuild trust.

There is still a pending Freedom of Information Act that will be responded to in August. A majority of the Board remains firm on their stance to assert attorney-client privilege exemptions in response to FOIA requests.