Lawsuit filed by family of detective shot and killed by friendly fire during rampage at headquarters

The family of an undercover Prince George's County detective who was killed over two years ago by friendly fire during a rampage at police headquarters has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer who shot him.

Investigators say 28-year-old Corporal Jacai Colson was shot and killed by Officer Taylor Krauss on March 13, 2016 when, according to police, suspects opened fire without warning at officers outside the District 3 police station.

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Police say Colson, who was off-duty at the time, was mistaken for one of the attackers and was shot by Krauss during the gunfire. Colson was in plainclothes and had arrived in an undercover vehicle.

The lawsuit claims Krauss shot Colson even after he identified himself as a fellow officer and showed his badge.

Colson's family and their attorney plan a news conference for later this week.

Three brothers -- 18-year old Elijah Ford, 21-year-old Malik Ford, and 22-year-old Michael Ford -- were indicted in May 2017 for the attack, and two of them pleaded guilty.

Police say Michael Ford, the gunman, intended to die in a gun battle with police.

Colson had been with the Prince George's County Police Department for four years.