Lawsuit claims Md. school became 'unchecked breeding ground for sexual abuse' by Deonte Carraway

A lawsuit filed against Deonte Carraway, the Prince George's County school board and the principal of Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School has revealed new disturbing allegations about a sex abuse scandal that rocked the school system.

Carraway was sentenced to 100 years in prison after pleading guilty in Prince George's County to 23 child sexual abuse and child pornography charges against young students. He also received a 75-year sentence for federal child pornography charges.

The amended 72-page lawsuit filed on behalf of one of Carraway's victims, who was then a 9-year-old fourth-grade student, claims Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School was "an unchecked breeding ground for sexual abuse by Deonte Carraway."

The lawsuit contends the school board and principal Michelle Williams had "extensive notice of Carraway's abusive and inappropriate conduct and yet chose to continue to enable his flagrantly inappropriate conduct and the danger it posed to students."

The court filing alleges that nearly eight months before Carraway was arrested, Williams met with Carraway and raised concerns about his inappropriate contact with students in private places within the school, and her concerns are documented in an email she sent to Carraway.

Nearly all of Carraway's victims nearly all suffered serious psychiatric damage, with most requiring therapy and some left suicidal, as a result of his sexual abuse.

Carraway was arrested in Feburary 2016 and was indicted on 270 counts of sexual abuse, sex offense and child pornography of 23 minors. He would later plead guilty and is currently serving his sentence in a penitentiary in Arizona.

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