Large crowds of protesters persist despite DC curfew

Long after D.C.’s stated curfew went into effect, large crowds of demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd lingered in Lafayette Park on Tuesday night.

FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts observed the protesters for several hours, and noted that they were largely peaceful.

Previous nights of social protest in the District have begun peacefully, but rapidly escalated into clashes with police.

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Saturday and Sunday night, chaos reigned in the nation’s capital, as looting and vandalism ravaged neighborhoods throughout the city.

In the wake of the destruction, District officials announced a 7 p.m. curfew for both Monday and Tuesday night.

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Monday night’s 7 p.m. curfew met with mixed with results.
Even before the curfew went into effect, law enforcement unloaded smoke canisters and pepper balls into a crowd of reportedly peaceful demonstrators in order to pave the way for President Donald Trump’s symbolic walk to St. John’s Church.

The historic church – along with the AFL-CIO building – suffered some burn damage during unrest on Sunday night.

More than 300 were arrested for violating curfew on Monday – along with offenses associated with rioting and looting.

D.C. officials say that anyone who remains out on the street after curfew should expect to be stopped, and potentially arrested.

District residents who are voting today are exempt from the curfew – as are journalists and essential workers.