Juvenile arrested for theft of kittens at Petco store, but cats remain missing

We have been following the story of the thief who stole two kittens on Monday from the Petco store in Columbia Heights. A person was arrested Thursday night, but the kittens remain missing.

The cat burglar went into the store on Monday, broke the glass at the "cat adoption" area and let the cats out of the bag -- I mean -- the cage. Two tabby kittens were stolen. They are about 12 weeks old and are brother and sister.

A juvenile male was arrested on Thursday and charged with theft. But he has been playing cat and mouse with the police detectives about the location of the kittens.

The cats were up for adoption by Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, Md.

Hopefully this theft isn't a copycat. I went to the animal rescue on Friday. The director, Cindy Sharpley, said that stolen cats are starting to be a real problem. She said this is the third case of kittens up for adoption in stores that are kidnapped in recent weeks.

But there is hope for a purr-fect ending. Cindy said they had a dog stolen in Alexandria, Va., three months ago. The pup was found safe and sound last week.

She hopes the kittens have nine lives too.

"Hopefully they are somewhere with a girlfriend or mother or grandmother -- as a present," Cindy said. "But people do the strangest things with animals. It's very scary."

Someone knows where these kittens are now. Speak up or cat got your tongue?

You can call the police tip line at 202-727-9099. The rescue is offering a $500 reward for their return.

Whoever saves these kittens is the cat's meow.