Inside the Embassy of Argentina with FOX 5

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From its vibrant capital city, to its majestic waterfalls, breath taking glaciers and the mountains of Patagonia, the Argentine Republic is a sought after tourist destination.

If you can't make it to South America anytime soon, however, you can get a taste of the country of over 42 million right here on New Hampshire Avenue in historic Dupont Circle.

Once inside the Embassy of Argentina, visitors are greeted by artwork and antiques. Gerardo Díaz Bartolomé, deputy chief of mission, says the building was once a Senator's residence.

Fernando Julio Oris de Roa, Argentina's ambassador to the United States, says portraits of former ambassadors adorn the walls. One of the most popular rooms is home to a sculpture of Evita Perón the former first lady of Argentina.

In the kitchen, traditional Argentinian fare is influenced by the country's European roots.