Independent contractors to see relief in coronavirus stimulus bill

The Senate just passed the largest stimulus bill in American history — but is it enough? That’s the question many independent contractors are thinking.

Under current law, independent contractors, such as real estate workers, barbers and taxi and rideshare drivers, cannot collect unemployment insurance. 
Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, these workers have been hit extremely hard.

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Eugene Bowden is a taxi driver in D.C. He says the spread of the coronavirus has been devastating on his industry.
“We’re just trying to do what we can and that’s not much. There’s just no business here,” says Bowden. “I’ve been out here for the last four days. I’ve made like $22. During that four-day period, it probably has cost me about $30 in gas. That’s what we’re up against right now.”
But experts are saying that relief is on the way.
Virginia Tech finance professor Derek Klock says the stimulus bill that was just passed by the Senate will provide relief for those independent workers.

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“It still has protections for corporations and airlines and states, and hospitals and things like that. All of that is necessary. But the fact of that matter is that without the fiscal stimulus bill written the way it is, or at least some version of it that will get through the house, the small business owner was really going to hurt no matter the size,” says Klock.
The bill now moves to the House for a final vote.