How to avoid cybercrime during the holiday season

Dr. Eric Cole, founder & CEO of Secure Anchor, a cybersecurity company that helps organizations prevent security breaches and detect network intrusions, joined us with ways to avoid being 'cyber-scammed' during the holidays.

Timing: Usually when your identity gets stolen the information isn't used until two or three months later. Keep a close watch on your credit cards and bank accounts so you can spot issues as quickly as possible.

Playing to Your Emotions: Cyber criminals will play to your emotions during the holiday season. If an online gift looks to good to be true - double check before you are drawn into a fake environment.

iPhone Safer: Most hacks target Windows operating systems. Use an iPhone if possible to do your online shopping.

Stick To The Well Known Sites: While deals may be better on lesser known sites, play it safe and stick to the sites that are well known.

Get New Cards in January: Tell the credit card company that your card has been stolen. You'll be issued a new card and if a security breach did occur, your information will have already been changed by the time they use it.

Clear Apps: Get rid of the apps that you don't use. They could be viewing information without your knowledge. If you're not using it - dump it!

Use Multiple Credit Cards: Minimize your risks by having multiple credit cards and using different cards for online purchases, utilities, gas, etc… This way, if your card is compromised, it only impacts one area and not all of them.

Stay Away From Public WiFi: Before you leave your house - turn off the wifi. Use a VPN for a more secure connection.

You're always just one click away from a compromise! Stay safe online!

Here are resources from Eric Cole: