How to avoid Brown Friday after your Thanksgiving Day meal

Everybody’s heard of Black Friday, but have you heard of Brown Friday? If not, consider yourself lucky.

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"I know Friday as Black Friday," explained WSSC Water Spokesperson Lyn Riggins. "Plumbers know Friday as Brown Friday, and that’s because it’s one of their busiest days of the year."

The reason? Cooking those turkeys creates a lot of grease, and if you put that grease down the drain, Riggins said you could be asking for a very messy problem.

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"People think that you can dump that grease down the sink and, ‘I’ll just follow it with some hot water and some soap and it’ll break it up.’ It’s gonna push it a little bit further down the line, but at some point, that grease is gonna harden in the pipe, and the next time you go to flush that toilet, it’s gonna hit that dam of grease that’s blocked up the sewer line, and it’s going to back up probably into your basement, and it is going to be messy, disgusting, and expensive to fix," Riggins says.

Instead, the experts say to can the grease, cool it, and toss it into the trash. Otherwise, "Brown Friday" could be a problem.

"That’s scary," grocery shopper Katherine Gilreath said Wednesday evening after learning the term. "Clearly people do not know what to do with their grease."


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