House destroyed by possible explosion in southern Maryland

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Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Station 2 says officials were called to the home on Sparkleberry Court after neighbors reported hearing the home exploding, and then catch fire.

When they arrived, officials say they found the single-family home fully engulfed in flames.

It took 60 firefighters from multiple jurisdictions to get the fire under control. Crews spent about five hours at the scene.

Neighbor Sharon Lyster, who lives next to the affected home spoke exclusively to FOX 5. She and her husband were outside gardening when they heard a thunderous boom with several other residual explosions.

Husband Peter Lyster told his wife to call 911 as he ran toward William and Tacy Gash's home. He found William in what had been the garage.

"He's covered with debris, with sheet rock and siding and pieces and he is not well - he's been burnt and he's been completely in shock," explained Sharon Lyster.

"And he just looks up at my husband and he says, 'I think I'm going to die, Pete.' And Peter said, 'Not today, not on my watch.'"

The Lysters were able to get both victims out of the home and away from the flames as they waited for first responders.

Medics wanted to have the Gashes flown to MedStar Washington in DC, but weather kept the helicopters grounded, so the couple was driven instead.

They are being treated for burns but amazingly don't have any life threatening injuries.

Neighbors say the homeowners also have a daughter who wasn't home at the time. They also have two dogs who were home at the time of the incident and currently missing. Neighbors are trying to track them down.

As the family has now lost everything in the blast, close friends of the family have also started a GoFundMe page to help them get back on their feet.

The Maryland State Fire Marshal is now investigating the cause.