Himitsu chef and staff save woman from attack in Petworth

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The chef and line cooks from a popular Petworth restaurant rushed to break up an attack across an alley Friday night, according to a D.C. police report.

The help by the Good Samaritans, which included Himitsu chef and co-owner Kevin Tien, was first reported by DC Eater.

In an interview with FOX 5, Tien said his staff saw two men attacking a woman across Upshur Street, NW just as they were opening for dinner Friday.

Tien said to his line cooks, "Let's go," and the staff ran across the street to come to the woman's aide. They took blows to the face and one line cook was hit by a third suspect with a metal pipe, according to Tien. But they were able to separate the attackers from the woman before police arrived.

"They got even more aggressive and started fighting us," Tien said. "They started swinging at us. We were just protecting ourselves and trying to protect the lady, and then a third gentleman showed up out of nowhere with a metal pipe and started swinging it at us."

Tien said the attackers and the woman ran off when the police got there.

It's unclear who the victim is or to what extent she was injured. Tien said at one point, one of the men slammed the woman into the ground.

"All I can say is I hope she's alright," said Tien. "I know in these kind of situations it may be hard to speak out and speak up. but I want her to know that our restaurant, we're always here for her or for anybody that kind of needs a safe space and that she shouldn't be afraid to speak up."

A customer saw the help the workers provided and left them a $100 tip to show appreciation.

Police told FOX 5 the case remains open and there have been no arrests made.