Gunmen seen running near Dunbar High School shooting

Security camera footage obtained by FOX 5 shows two young men holding guns and running through an alley close to where a shooting took place outside Dunbar High School

The video was recorded Friday morning around the time a bullet pierced through the school's window, grazing a 17-year-old girl. 

Snapshot of the security camera footage which shows two gunmen running away from Friday's shooting near Dunbar High School.

In the security footage, two individuals can be seen clutching their firearms as a group of people rush down the narrow backstreet. 


17-year-old grazed by bullet at Dunbar High School in DC

A student was grazed by a bullet in the head after it came through the window at Dunbar High School in D.C., according to police.

Another video sent to FOX 5 by a neighbor shows the gunfire being exchanged outside the school. 

The Metropolitan Police Department has not confirmed whether the two young men seen holding guns are suspects. They did tell FOX 5 that they have the footage and are looking into the matter. 

Watch the doorbell camera footage of the shooting below: