Greenbelt residents picking up the pieces from storm damage

More than 24 hours after destructive storms toppled trees and damaged homes, some Greenbelt residents are still dealing with the aftermath.

Carlos Hodgson lives at Franklin Park at Greenbelt Station Apartments where massive trees fell throughout the complex, including one on each side of his home.

"I just thank God I’m still alive," Hodgson said Wednesday. "That was the only thing I was thinking out here."

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Dozens of massive trees fell on homes and cars around the apartment community and in the surrounding area.

Nine-year-old Isaac Vargas said he ran for cover.

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"All I just see is the wind blowing the trees, and I was scared," Vargas said. "After that, I went to the closet to go hide."

He said he watched a tree fall on his friend’s apartment across the courtyard.

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"My friend, I thought she was dead," said Vargas. "But she’s still alive."

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported in Greenbelt, according to Prince George’s County Fire and EMS.

A spokesperson said there was one hospital transport in College Park due to storm-related injuries.

Cleanup is now underway with crews chopping and clearing downed trees.

"This one they don’t have time to do today, so they said they’re going to do it tomorrow," Hodgson said from his patio, referencing the tree that fell a few feet away.