Grandpa joyfully dances after learning he's cancer-free

This grandpa's celebratory dance after learning that he is finally cancer-free will give you all the feels.

Moses Cofer, 75, has been battling prostate cancer and has completed 10 rounds of chemo to treat the high PSA level associated with the disease. His medical journey has not been easy but that hasn't stopped Mr. Cofer from keeping a cheerful attitude.

Melani Jennings, his granddaughter, told FOX 5 his oncologist's office calls him "Hollywood" because all the nurses love him so much. Mr. Cofer is known for being the life of the party and his energy is contagious.

In a viral tweet from Jennings, Mr. Cofer was seen cheerfully ringing the bell that signaled his triumph over cancer. It was his last dose of chemo but the real celebration kicked in when he hit a two-step-- did we mention he has a cane?!

After thanking his doctors and nurses, he whipped out some more moves to show how happy we was!

"I just want everyone to know that my Granddad is my hero. He is a fighter and he has never let his diagnosis rule his life." Jennings said, "He has always told all of his children and grandchildren to do good and treat others like we want to be treated and God will reward us in the end; to keep the faith and believe in what we pray and ask God for in advance and that our character is everything."

Jennings' advice to other families going through a similar situation is to keep the faith, be a good listener, laugh often and cherish every single moment while making memories to last a lifetime.