Grandmother targeted in one of DC's latest carjackings

It’s a crime that’s becoming all too common in DMV streets--carjackings are skyrocketing and the suspects in the crimes are becoming more fearless.

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One grandmother who lives in DC tells FOX 5 she went outside take out some leftover food and move her car from one side of the parking lot to the other this weekend. 

She locked her car, started walking back to her apartment, but she soon saw a gun was being pointed at her and the suspect was demanding she hand over her car keys. 

"I don’t even want to live here no more. I don’t feel safe," Gavata Smith said. 

Smith is the latest carjacking victim in the nation’s capital and she’s speaking out about the terrifying moments she experienced when her car was stolen. 

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"I am not well. I have been like talking to my therapist," Smith said. 

She says two young men approached her on East Capitol Street in Southeast around 1:30 a.m. this past Saturday, July 17.

"Within seconds, the guys were up on me. Soon as I hit the alarm to my car, there was a tall Black guy, he showed me his gun. He said, ‘let me get them keys up off you,' and I said ‘what?’ and he said ‘yeah, give me them keys,’ and I just started backing up," Smith said. "The gun wasn’t pointed up at me, it was kind of slightly down at me."

Smith’s house keys and car keys were stolen, but luckily, police located her car five minutes away on Minnesota Avenue.

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"It seems like a lot of the carjackings are occurring from teenagers so attack the problem. Put a curfew in place."

In the meantime, Smith is doing her part, buying five new security cameras to stay safe.

"I don’t know how you just go on and live this with having a gun pulled on you with your dear loved ones like only seconds away," Smith said. 

Right now, Metropolitan Police are investigating this carjacking along with two others that happened the same night, in the same area. It’s not clear if the cases are related.