Gov. McAuliffe, Va. election officials reject Trump's claims of voter fraud

President-elect Donald Trump's new "tweet storm" is causing a firestorm in the commonwealth of Virginia. On Sunday, Trump took to social media to dispute the efforts to recount the election in several states. He also claimed that there was serious voter fraud in Virginia.

In all, the president-elect fired off 11 tweets aimed at the Green Party and Hillary Clinton campaign's recount effort in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He also alleged "serious voter fraud" occurred in Virginia, New Hampshire and California.

On Monday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe laughed off Trump's claim saying that the president-elect should "put proof behind" the allegation and that there was not a single instance of voter fraud in the state.

Edgardo Cortes, commissioner of the Virginia Department of Elections, said in a statement, "The claims of voter fraud in Virginia during the November 8 election are unfounded. The election was fair and all votes cast by eligible voters were accurately counted."

Linda Lindberg, the director of elections and general registrar for Arlington County, said they did not allow illegal voters to cast their ballot on Election Day.

"Certainly not to my knowledge," she said. "That comes as a huge surprise. If it did happen, I want to see the evidence as to what the allegations are. Who are these illegal voters? How did they get through all of our checks and balances on elections? Because it certainly didn't happen here."

During his presidential campaign, Trump often claimed the election system in the United States was rigged. In Virginia, Trump was highly critical of Gov. McAuliffe's move to restore the voting rights of 13,000 eligible former felons who had lost those rights after being convicted of crimes.