GOP firebrand State Senator announces Spanberger challenge

"Trump in heels" is coming to a district near you.

Self-described "firebrand" Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase announced on Wednesday that she will run for office in the 7th Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

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Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin – a relative moderate - defeated Chase for the Republican Party nomination prior to the gubernatorial race in the Commonwealth. Youngkin, in turn, led a number of Republicans claiming victories across a state that had once been claimed by a so-called blue tide.

Chase – who has described herself as "Trump in heels" – has appeared at public demonstrations carrying a rifle, and has been a vocal critic of the 2020 election results.

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On Twitter, she welcomed Youngkin’s victory with renewed call to investigate the credibility of President Joe Biden’s victory.

She was also restricted on Facebook for blaming the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol on antifa.

Virginia Democrats called on Chase to resign following the comments, saying she committed insurrection and galvanized domestic terrorists.

She was censured by the Virginia State Senate in January for calling the rioters "patriots," and also for reportedly making insulting comments toward the Virginia Capitol Police.

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Spanberger faced a stiff challenge in 2020. Her race against State House Delegate Nick Freitas took days to decide.

The former CIA operations officer went on to blame the party’s more progressive elements, demanding that they refrain from referring to "socialism" going forward.