George Preston Marshall statue removed from RFK Stadium

A monument commemorating former Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall joined the list of statues linked to the nation’s racist past to be removed on Friday.

Events DC removed the monument outside RFK Stadium on Friday morning.

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The organization released a statement explaining the removal Friday morning.

“This symbol of a person who didn’t believe all men and women were created equal and who actually worked against integration is counter to all that we as people, a city, and nation represent. We believe that injustice and inequality of all forms is reprehensible and we are firmly committed to confronting unequal treatment and working together toward healing our city and country.”

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Although Marshall oversaw the Redskins integration – he did not do so willingly.

The Redskins owner was the last NFL owner to integrate his team’s roster. 

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The removal coincides with Juneteenth – a day celebrating the effective end of slavery, which has taken on an added significance amid protests and unrests in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.