Victim follows suspected carjackers in Maryland, suspects shoot at driver: police

D.C. police continue to investigate a carjacking in the district that escalated to a chase and shooting in Maryland.

The Metropolitan Police Department responded to 2005 Upshur Street Northeast on Wednesday, May 15, for the report of a stolen vehicle. Police say the victim said her vehicle was stolen from outside the location around 10 p.m., where she located her driver's door handle on the ground and her vehicle gone.


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MPD spoke with another officer in Maryland who advised that the vehicle was seen in Silver Spring, Maryland, near Georgia Avenue. 

Police learned that a friend of the victim spotted her vehicle and decided to follow the occupants in their vehicle. According to police, the occupants began shooting at the victim's friend from the vehicle.

The vehicle was located in the 1400 block of Olelthorpe St, Northwest.

No word on any injuries or details on potential suspects.