Fredericksburg police implementing new reforms

In Northern Virginia, reform is underway at the Fredericksburg Police Department – where the chief is releasing their “8 Can’t Wait” list of reforms, and holding a series of community meetings to discuss changes.

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Some of Police Chief Bryan Layton announced changes include:

- banning chokeholds and strangleholds

- requiring de-escalation

- and requiring warning before shootingThe national police reform campaign also requires that police exhaust all alternatives before shooting, and urges other police officers to intervene. In addition, it bans shooting at moving vehicles.

Fredericksburg police say the goal is to reduce the number of negative police incidents.

The police department says, “before the movement, the Fredericksburg Police Department fully complied with six of the eight policies advocated. 

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After some research, directive revisions, and roll call training to ensure officers understood the directive changes, the police department now fully complies with all eight policies advocated, according to the chief.

They say police were already in the process of implementing the reforms prior to the death of George Floyd – an incident that sparked a public outcry nationwide.

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The next public meeting to address changes is set for Aug. 19

The department is also expanding its Citizen Advisory Board by five spots.

Applications are available starting tomorrow.