FOX Beat: Jamie Lee Curtis recreates 'Psycho' shower scene; pushes Kevin to host his own talk show

"FOX. Him. Now. Really. Is there a late night FOX show? I don't think so."

Not only is screen legend Jamie Lee Curtis endorsing a late night talk show hosted by our own Kevin McCarthy - she's willing to be his first guest!

That's where the conversation went when Kevin sat down with Curtis to talk about her role in FOX's new horror-comedy show, "Scream Queens." She plays the role of Cathy Munsch, the dean of the university hit by mysterious murders.

Curtis told Kevin that the first season of the show will feature something she has avoided her entire professional career - a shot-by-shot recreation of her mother's famous shower scene from the Alfred Hitchcock classic, "Psycho."

I've been an actress since I was 19. I'm 56. I have said zero tolerance for any stepping into anything that had to do with my parents," she told Kevin. "But they wrote night this episode, and it felt appropriate, and my both parents have passed on. I've been an actress for very long time. I'm in the middle of doing this incredible show with great writing, and it was like if the time was right, the time is now. If not now, when?"

She was so pleased with the result that she posted this picture on Instagram:

Then she pitched what -- if you ask Kevin McCarthy -- might be the greatest idea ever...a FOX late-night show featuring Kevin himself! "Why aren't you hosting your own late night show?" she asked him.

She had the first show all planned out. She told Kevin that she will be his first guest and that she'll come on the show to have a StreetFighter video game tournament. The musical guest would be Iron Maiden and the program would called - "Geeking Out with Kevin McCarthy!"

Kevin loved the idea and he already has his first fan!

"Get in the game! Come on!" she said.

Only time will tell if FOX takes her advice…can you imagine…LIVE, FROM NEW YORK…IT'S GEEKING OUT WITH KEVIN MCCARTHY!!!!!