FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy handles mean tweeters; Congressman McCarthy handles disgruntled movie fans

FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy sticks to celebrity sit-downs and movie reviews. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sticks to politics. But sometimes their worlds collide! (Read that last line aloud in your best Hollywood blockbuster movie intro voice!)

For years, our Kevin has told us that he frequently gets mistaken on Twitter for Congressman Kevin. While the two share the same name they have very different Twitter handles. Our Kevin McCarthy is @KevinMcCarthyTV, while Kevin McCarthy the House Majority Leader is - appropriately enough -- @GOPLeader.

MEAN TWEETS: FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy takes hateful tweets intended for GOP leader in stride

Most of the messages that our Kevin receives in error aren't very nice, he tells us. But our entertainment reporter takes it in stride and even tries to offer movie recommendations to the misguided tweeters. When one user tweeted that our Kevin needed to work harder to fix the job situation in America he responded with a review of the film Steve Jobs. When another Twitter user wrote our Kevin calling him a lame duck he recommended the 1992 film The Mighty Ducks.

But it seems that the case of mistaken identity goes both ways! Just this week a Twitter user wrote our Kevin asking him about the immigration situation. "Get together and get it done," the Twitter user wrote. After our Kevin posted the tweet online, Congressman Kevin chimed in saying, "You think you have it bad? Someone just sent me a nasty tweet about your Dolphin Tale review?

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When will the confusion end! No one knows! But in the meantime just remember -- FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy for the movie reviews and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for the politics!

The two Kevins are actually friends and our Kevin hopes to, one day, meet Congressman Kevin at the White House to watch a movie together!