Former NFL player helps kick-off free vision and dental services for PGCPS students

On Monday, former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandon Coleman helped announce a new county partnership with the Student Health Impact Project (SHIP) and CF Charities that will bring free dental and health services to thousands of Prince George’s County students. 

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Coleman excitedly posed with students outside a giant mobile dentist office, parked outside of Avalon Elementary School in Fort Washington. 

County leaders hope these services will prevent another child from suffering, like Deamonte Driver, a Prince George’s County 12-year-old who died in 2007 of an untreated toothache. 

Starting in January, students will have access to free dental screenings, follow-up services with an optometrist and ophthalmologist. Students can even get free glasses if needed. Professionals will be visiting the county’s boys and girls in a large mobile dental office with two chairs inside. The kids will receive health care access, no matter their insurance status. 

“This really can have a big impact on the kids and the community if we can just do what we need to do, put the pieces together to execute. And I’m excited to see how we execute,” said Coleman, who grew-up in the area. “For me, I look at the county as something I just take so much pride in.

Prince George’s County boasts 206 schools and centers with more than 134,000 students. Professionals will provide dental care at 101 schools and include routine treatment, according to a PGCPS spokesperson.