Former LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler will be paid full salary for next year after fired by board

Former Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler will be paid his full salary for the next year after he was fired following the release of a scathing grand jury report on how the district handled two sexual assaults by the same student.

According to LCPS officials, Ziegler was fired without cause and therefore will be entitled to his full $323,000 salary under the terms of his contract.

Ziegler will be compensated in monthly installments next year, school officials confirmed. In addition, his pay includes health insurance, a vehicle allowance, and retirement benefits. Prior to his firing, the board had approved a $28,000 raise for next summer.

The school district drew national attention last year after a father's accusations at a school board meeting that they covered up his daughter's sexual assault. The suspect was then transferred to another school in the district and assaulted another girl. The suspect faced charges in both cases.

The grand jury report released Monday said the Loudoun County Public Schools district was looking out for its own interests instead of the best interests of its students. The report said the school system "failed at every juncture."

FOX 5 reached out to Dr. Ziegler but he declined an interview. Instead, LCPS said it stands by its statement from Monday that this was not a coordinated cover up between administrators and the school board.

LCPS is recommending Dr. Daniel Smith, current LCPS chief of staff, to be interim superintendent, according to Board Docs.

A school board meeting where the report will be discussed is planned for next Tuesday.