Former Gov. Larry Hogan fuels speculation with third campaign-style video

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan continues to fuel speculation around a possible presidential or Senate run. He dropped another campaign-style video Wednesday.

This is the third video released by Hogan in just two days and this one is taking aim at what it's calling "failed leadership" by other politicians while highlighting the former governor's time in office.

"They said it was impossible, they said it couldn't be done in Maryland but thanks to all of you we just went out and did it," Hogan says in the video. 

The video appears to tease some kind of announcement coming soon along with a website for his political organization An America United.

Hogan has said before that he would not run for Maryland's Senate seat, the Republican presidential nomination or start a third-party campaign. 

So the question remains: What is all this for?

FOX 5’s Josh Rosenthal spoke with the founding editor of Maryland Matters this week. He believes Hogan may just be trying to keep his name in the conversation.

"I’m not saying there aren’t political conversations going on about what he might or might not do, but I think there’s no harm in just keeping your name out there, and my guess is that’s the strategy right now,"

Hogan is the national co-chair of the group No Labels, which has teased a potential third-party bid.

The former governor has not announced any sort of official event for Wednesday evening.