Flags drape I-85 for fallen US Marshal

American flags were draped over interstate 85 Sunday, as a motorcade carrying the body of fallen U.S Marshal Patrick Carothers drove underneath.

Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers was a 26 year veteran with the U.S Marshal Service. He was gunned down Friday, while serving a warrant.

"It just makes you reflect on the danger of the job and that we are a family doesn't matter if it's blue light, red lights, EMS, whatever I mean we all stand behind each other and protect each other a hundred percent, said Blair Gribble an Inspector Engineer with the City of Belmont Fire Department.

Belmont firefighters raised the flag showing solidarity. Hundreds joined them, some standing alongside them while most honked, waived, and flashed their lights as a show of support.

Denise Titsworth's curiosity led her to the overpass. "I saw the American flag. I wanted to know what was going on so, I stopped and asked the officers here and when I found out the reason I wanted to be here. I wanted to support the family because I have law enforcement in my family as well." Her son was killed while serving in the military.

The American flag flew high above I-85 as a symbol that this is one nation undivided.

"It made me felt really proud. I even saluted it when I seen it because we live in America, this is God's given place," said Brenda Mooney.

Carothers' will be buried in Virginia. He leaves behind his wife and five children.