Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin talks education, COVID-19

In his first sitdown interview with a regional station since Election Day, Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin joins FOX 5 to discuss his plans for the Commonwealth in 2022 and beyond.

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The Richmond-born businessman defeated former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin’s campaign seized on outrage over education in the Commonwealth, where suburban and rural jurisdictions have become increasingly concerned about so-called "Critical Race Theory," as well as the 1619 Project.

The campaign’s numerous ads included a line McAuliffe uttered, in which he says he doesn’t believe "parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

His pledge to ensure parents have greater say in what their kids are taught has become a centerpiece of his campaign — possibly foreshadowing similar arguments GOP candidates will use across the country next year.

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"We are going to press forward with making sure that we get politics out of the classroom," Youngkin told FOX 5, "and that our children are prepared by learning how to think and not told what to think."

Governor-elect Youngkin also touched on COVID-19 and what he believes will be the best way to combat the illness.

"As we head into the new year, I do believe that the issues are going to be around severity as opposed to numbers and therefore recognizing the best way to protect ourselves is to get the vaccine," Youngkin said.


Youngkin says he and his team are ready to go on day one to begin implementing their plan for the Commonwealth. Watch part one and part two of FOX 5's interview with Governor-elect Youngkin above.