Firefighters reunite with family of baby they helped deliver

There was a special pre-Christmas reunion at a firehouse in northeast D.C. on Thursday. Capricia Yarborough stopped by the station to meet the firefighters who helped delivered her 2-month old son, Jazz.

Mom says baby Jazz came while she was trying to get to the hospital. D.C. firefighters came to the rescue and helped mom and her new son.

"I cannot thank you enough," Capricia said. "I mean seriously. It was a dire emergency and Jazz could not wait. Jazz couldn't wait and you all came to his rescue. You all helped me. You all helped my children and you all saved the day and I really am truly blessed and ecstatic and grateful."

"Well, it's normal for us because this is what we do on a normal basis. But not every day do we get the opportunity to bring them back to check on them and check on their welfare and also do something special for the family during the holidays. So it's kind of special to me," said firefighter Eric Delaney.

Delaney and his crew showered baby Jazz with gifts, including a D.C. fire and EMS shirt and hat. They also gave presents to baby Jazz's older siblings and gave mom a gift card to help the family out this Christmas.