Fiancée of missing DC man makes plea for help as she hopes for his safe return

A school accountant has vanished without a trace and his fiancee is making a plea for help in finding him.

David Stern was last seen at Dixie Liquor on M Street in Georgetown where he spent less than two minutes inside. Now, his family is desperately trying to figure out what happened after he walked out the store.

Surveillance video shows the 29-year-old man walking into the liquor store at 6:07 p.m. Tuesday. Less than a couple of minutes later, he walked out with a pint of Crown Royal and hasn't been seen since.

He hasn't used his cellphone or his credit cards.

"If there was activity on his cards, at least there would be indication that he's around somewhere," said Katie Park, Stern's fiancee. "Just nothing. That is what is scary."

Park says none of it adds up.

"Just why that liquor store is just very confusing and it doesn't make any sense at all," she said. "It's out of character. All of it is out of character for him. He doesn't want people to worry about him. It just doesn't make sense. We really do think he is hurt."

Park says Stern went to work that morning like he did every day. He sent her a text message later that afternoon saying he left work early to go to a doctor's appointment and would meet her at home later. But he never showed up.

"It's not like him to do this and not respond to anybody," said Park.

Stern is from Philadelphia and proposed to Park last February after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

"He treats everyone like a friend and he cares so much about everybody," Park said.

The happy couple took their engagement photos outside of Washington National Cathedral just two weeks ago.

Park has this message for her fiance.

"David, if you are just out there, just know that so many people love you and they just want to know that you're safe," she said.

Friends and family haven been putting up flyers urging anyone who may have seen him or has any information at all about him to call D.C. police.