Falls Church police conducting student sexting investigation

Falls Church City Public Schools is at the center of a police investigation. Five students in the school district are accused of texting lewd photos to each other.

According to the school district, three of the students go to Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School while the other two attend George Mason High School.

Their families are cooperating with police as the department has obtained a search warrant and seized all five students' cellphones.

Falls Church Police Chief Mary Gavin said they are still trying to determine if these students may have been coerced or bullied into sending the pictures or if an adult may have been involved.

The police chief wanted to emphasize the importance of communicating with your children about using their cellphone safely. Police advise sitting down with your child, speaking calmly, asking questions and listening.

"Once they are sent and they are sent beyond on what the intended target would be, there is an absolute embarrassment to whoever may have been in the picture not knowing how far this could reach," said Gavin.

At this point of the investigation, it is unknown what charges may be filed if any at all. However, having these photos and sharing them could qualify as possession and distribution of child porn, which is a felony.