Fairfax rescue crews help pull teen from Nepal earthquake rubble -- after being trapped for 5 days

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Rescue crews from the Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue team helped free a teenager who had been trapped for five days in rubble following an earthquake in Nepal.

It took several hours for the crews to free the 15-year-old from the wreckage of a seven-story building. Rescuers say the team was entombed inside of the debris but not crushed.

This rescue comes two days after another man was pulled from the rubble after spending some eighty hours trapped with three dead bodies.

The possibility of finding more survivors was quickly fading following Saturday's massive earthquake.

The death toll is steadily rising as bodies are recovered.

Conditions, like power outages, are complicating efforts to clear the wreckage in the capitol city.

Recovery work is more difficult in remote areas impacted by the quake.

Some survivors are still waiting to be flown out and some are even fighting to get a seat on a rescue helicopter.