Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent addresses West Potomac High School hazing allegations

The superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools is speaking exclusively to FOX 5 about hazing and sexual abuse allegations among members of the West Potomac High School varsity baseball team.

Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent Scott Brabrand said the school district's investigation did determine that some of the allegations into hazing were true.

"We take all allegations of sexual harassment and bullying seriously - whether it's in the classroom or out on the playing fields," said Brabrand. "We began an immediate investigation the day this was brought to us. We made all the appropriate referrals to law enforcement and we have taken appropriate disciplinary action with those that were involved."

He added, "There was clearly inappropriate harassment going on on that team and we needed to deal with it. When the principal became aware of it, she began an immediate investigation and we have followed through with law enforcement and she has taken the appropriate school administrative actions as well."

Last month, the school district and Fairfax County police both said it was investigating the allegations. Through public records obtained by FOX 5, the allegations included a claim that a student urinated on another student, and the school district's investigation found that inappropriate hazing and harassment took place and three players were disciplined.

Now, it is up to Fairfax County police and the Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office if criminal charges will be filed.

On Wednesday, head baseball coach Jim Sullivan resigned as he was entering his 13th season as the school's coach. Sullivan told FOX 5 his resignation had nothing to do with the hazing allegations, which happened two years ago, but surfaced in mid-March this year.

A school district spokesperson said Sullivan had a difference of opinion on the future of the baseball team.

Another assistant coach also resigned from the team.