Fairfax County Health Department partnering with Giant Pharmacy to administer COVID-19 vaccine

Giant Pharmacy is partnering with the Fairfax County Health Department to begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a newsletter, Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffery McKay said the pharmacies will start vaccinating people registered in the health department’s system beginning on Wednesday.

McKay said Giant will be using the health department’s scheduler to make appointments and that appointments are necessary in order to be vaccinated. Vaccinations will begin at the following four locations with additional locations expected to be announced later this week:

7501 Huntsman Boulevard, Springfield, VA

6364A Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA

5740 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA

5870 Kingstowne Boulevard, Alexandria, VA

McKay says these stores will serve as alternatives to county facility sites. Residents who are in the existing queue and who are being offered an appointment by the county will have the option of choosing a Giant location.


McKay says he hopes the partnership will improve access for residents.

Here's how you can sign up to get the COVID-19 in Fairfax County