FAA investigating near collision at DC’s Reagan National Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating another close call at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. It’s the second incident in recent months – and comes as the FAA is considering adding more flights to DCA. 

This latest near miss incident happened Wednesday, May 29th and involved a Boston-bound American Airline flight. 

In a statement shared with FOX 5, a FAA spokesperson wrote: "An air traffic controller cancelled the takeoff clearance for American Airlines Flight 2134 because another aircraft was cleared to land on an intersecting runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The event occurred around 10:30 am local time on Wednesday, May 29. The FAA will investigate." 

Michael Whitaker, FAA administrator, said he has been briefed on the incident.

"We are looking into that. We will throughly investigate that," Whitaker said.

You can hear the concern in the air traffic controller’s voice during the incident, in recordings found on LiveATC.net. 

This latest incident comes after a very similar incident took place at the same airport last month. Back in April, a flight at Reagan National was instructed to cross a runway when another flight was starting its takeoff, the FAA reported at the time.

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FAA investigating near collision at DC’s Reagan National Airport

FOX 5 previously reported that the two planes came within 300 feet of one another. The incident involved Jet-Blue fight headed to Boston – and a Southwest airline flight heading to Orlando. 

No injuries were reported in either incident. The FAA is still investigating the April occurrence.

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"I’m relieved no one was hurt. But this incident underscores again that DCA is at capacity. This shows why Senate action to jam even more flights into DCA was so dangerous. The FAA must resist any new flights that compromise safety," Virginia Senator Tim Kaine posted to "X".

Senator Kaine is one of Maryland and Virginia’s four senators who previously authored a letter bashing the push by members of Congress to add flights to Regan National. 

The FAA Reauthorization Act recently passed, now allowing authorities to add five new trips to DCA, which would also allow planes to fly beyond the airport’s 1,250 mile perimeter.

In response to criticism of plans to add more long-haul flights to DCA, Whitaker said flight capacity has remained the same, "for quite a while." 

"But having said that, we are going to look at all of the causal factors that might be involved," Whitaker added.

Julie McCarroll and her husband Billy fly to D.C. for medical care every month from Arkansas and said news of another close call was concerning.

"It does make you a little bit nervous about that, especially since it’s American [Airlines]. It’s here where we come in and out of every month. Hope it doesn’t happen on our flights," McCarroll said.

In a statement sent to FOX 5, an American Airlines spokesperson wrote: "The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority, and we’re grateful to our crew for their professionalism. We will support the FAA in its investigation."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.